Posted by: John-Paul | August 6, 2011

Those? Obstacles to Writing? Pshaw!

I saw a demonstration this afternoon of why no author should ever let obstacles keep him or her from writing and selling.  Samantha Laux, author of children’s book about animals, has a neurological disease that has robbed her of her abilities to walk, hear, see well, and talk clearly.  Still she reached out to the local library to share her book, A Dog’s Job, and her service dog, Dylan, with kids.  She also brought along her two other books, Missy the Domestic Diva, and Hello Jambo.  Purposefully or not, Samantha is following at least part of J. A. Konrath’s advice on how writers can promote their own work.

This demonstration followed my finishing Stephen King’s On Writing.  He ended his memoir with the story of the accident that crippled him for several months.  He concluded by telling how he pushed himself – and his wife enabled him – to begin writing again.

I enjoy such stories of people overcoming obstacles in order to continue writing (and selling).  They encourage me to continue my own efforts.

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