Posted by: John-Paul | August 24, 2011

What God Could Do with an Average Joe

A review of Average Joe: God’s Extraordinary Calling To Ordinary Men

In a world seemingly run by exceptional men in politics, science and technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, God likes average Joes. He has a way of turning such insignificant men into specimens of exceptional quality.

In his opening, Troy Meeder asks, “We are average Joes, but is that really a problem?  Definitely not!  So-called average Joes are the ones who make the world work…average Joes are the stable, dependable, resolute backbone of an ever-so-wavering society (pg. 12).”

Throughout his book, Troy writes about ordinary guys who showed extraordinary qualities. He refers to such Bible heroes as Gideon, David, Jesus, and Paul as average Joes whom God made extraordinary. However, he illustrates his major points with modern day guys. Most are his friends or relatives.

He also uses himself to show men’s typical failings and how God wants them to become more like Jesus. With vivid details, Troy brings the reader into every scene then uses it to illustrate qualities desirable in men – particularly in those who follow the Lord.

He says the Church is “…a tapestry of living creatures all joined together by the blood thread of Jesus (pg. 37).”  Mowing grass with sharp blades typifies Jesus’s pruning believers.  The process has us “standing a bit taller, our sinful edges pruned, the true color of who He made us to be shining through (pg. 34).”

Troy charges men to seek mentors and reach out to be mentors, to seek friendships by standing with other guys, helping them during crises, and giving and receiving accountability for how they live their lives. He also calls men to acknowledge the Best Friend they could ever have and to press into following Him, doing what He wants.

In a humorous aside, Troy appeals to wives to occasionally allow their men to live, enjoying tasty, cholesterol-inducing fatty foods.

In the end, Troy offers a study guide for men to use individually or in a group. He wants each man to share deeply with his friends what it means for him to be a man – good, bad, and ugly. He appeals to men to let the Holy Spirit do His work through Average Joe.

This book was received free in ebook format from Blogging For Books just so I could review it. You can find it at Barnes and Noble.
Here’s the first chapter: 

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