Posted by: John-Paul | September 27, 2011

Why I Must Write of Emmanuel

I almost shuddered as I sat at the computer Sunday evening, exploring the categories of Christianity, the Bible and Jesus in the Religion and Philosophy section of I wanted to join in the conversations, give my thoughts about spiritual life in Christ vs. denominational platitudes. The thought, however, of commenting on such articles as

  • “Earth in Danger: A Case for NASA’s Comet Elenin and Planet Nibiru Cover-up”
  • “Into the Mystic Chapter 1, Intro.”
  • or “The Living Christ, the Testimony of the [Mormon] Apostles”

caused my belly to quiver. I turned away to other things.

The next morning, I remembered the focus of my desire for exploring I wished to write of Emmanuel – God-with-us – in people’s lives. Last year as I struggled with my wife’s debilitating cancer and my care for her while working long hours, the love of church friends and other displays of God’s love kept me going. In my mind, I began to call 2010 “the Year of Emmanuel”.

I considered that all the doctrinal opinions people were sharing would not necessarily draw people to Messiah. However, personal testimonies of Jesus at work in people’s lives would get the attention of others and draw them to the Savior. I clicked on the Christian Living button and read “Why I Told God I Hated Him and How He Responded” by Motown2Chitown.

This is the sort of message I wish to share with others. It’s the story of a pain-filled experience, of a horrendous decision to make. It’s the story of God understanding a couple’s pain and ignoring their anger at Him. It’s story of Truth and reality – not doctrine, platitudes, or behavioral requirements.

I would be happy to point readers to more stories by people like Motown2Chitown. The next question is whether would be a good place for me to promote such.


What do you know of Emmanuel? Have you experienced God-with-us?

Can you share with me the experiences you’ve had on Is it a good place for sharing and learning?



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