Posted by: John-Paul | October 15, 2011

What a Pastor Does

The leaders in the non-denominational church I attend do not perform the full range of duties most people would expect of someone with the title of pastor. If the need arose, they could do the work of apostles, prophets, evangelists, and teachers. Others labor at administration, coordinate Sunday School, and provide money for special needs. More than anything, however, our elders are pastors. They do the work of caring for God’s people.

Matt is a spiritual mentor to a few people. As one of the elders, he helps lead the church but another holds the post of Head Elder.

Matt led a small home group for several years, hosting my wife and me and others until I had to work evenings. Donna continued to attend and received teaching and encouragement, especially during her illness with cancer. During her final days in the hospital, Matt and his wife (and others) prayed and worshipped with her.

Matt helped us family members through the decision to let Donna go and stayed with us after her demise. Matt and his wife were a big part of God-with-us throughout out that whole period.

This is what a pastor does. Thank you, Matt.


Who looks after you when you go through hard times?

Does that person of persons show how much God loves you?





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