Posted by: John-Paul | October 21, 2011

How to Pursue Your Dream…and Pay the Bills

Without the pursuit of dreams – however impractical – you do not live, you merely exist. Dreams are given by God, I believe, so you will do your part in His great goals, the build-up of His kingdom around the Earth and the maturing of a queenly Bride for His Son.

However, unless you are a Kennedy or a Gates, you must have a way to pay the bills. Though the dream is vital, having an income is required for the freedom to pursue it. Find a means of income – the returns on capital investments or a job you can enjoy (or at least tolerate). Find fun or satisfaction in that source of income. Spend money wisely. Save for hard times and for investment in your dream.

Only then, can you pursue your dream…and find ways to make it profitable, as well. That may sound like crass commercialism – a mercenary approach to sharing the results of your dream. This seems to be the attitude of the Apostle Peter when Simon the Sorcerer sought to buy the power to convey the Holy Spirit on others.

However, you still need income to pay the bills. Ministers of the gospel receive salaries though they offer God’s free gift of grace. Making an income from your dream allows you to leave a job you don’t like or merely tolerate. Also, putting a price on the products of your dream signals to buyers that you value your works. They will be less apt to toss them aside as worthless.

My own dream is to have my novels published and sold worldwide so people will enjoy good reading and learn the ways of Yahweh. However, I must work at a factory job to pay the bills.

I enjoy various positive aspects of my employment there. Meanwhile, I also work on building up a backlist (inventory?) of stories that I can eventually sell. I also pay for how-to books and invest time in reading blogs to learn the ways and means of marketing my writings.

Getting my writings out into the world for people to read requires that I market them – something I don’t wish to do. Marketing experts say, though, that marketing is at least half of a writer’s business, especially once a backlist is built up.

So, I’m working at finishing my various novels. (NaNoWriMo will give me the opportunity to start the last of my series set in ancient Israel.) After November, I’ll set Jubilee aside and finish Joshua and Caleb, the first in the series. Then I think I’ll rework Devil’s Brew with a new James Henry.

Then comes the marketing.

What are your dreams? Do you have adequate income to pursue them? How might you create streams of income from fulfilling your dreams?

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