Posted by: John-Paul | November 15, 2011

No More NaNoWriMo

November is definitely not a good month for National Novel Writing Month – at least for me. It turns out too many other important things occur in November for me to give enough attention to 50,000 words of a new novel.

For one thing, at work we have open enrollment and everyone is allowed to update or change health insurance coverage and other benefits. This year, the company decided to shop for better rates and went with a different health insurance company. In addition, my household has shrunk to myself, an old dog, and a young cat.

Son Nicholas, who also works for the factory, will be getting his own insurance. He has also moved to a tiny house with another young man. Son Harrison is still at college and needs help paying for medications.

This has meant researching the full costs of medications (for a high-deductible health savings account) and whether certain doctors are part of the new health network.

For another thing, a friend has counseled me to get my finances in order with a budget, pay off debts, and get money into savings for emergencies. Only then, he said, should I concern myself with writing stories that don’t produce income. “…yet,” I responded. I still intend to make my novels – if not my short stories – financially productive.

So I have been exploring and trying out various money management applications from the Internet. I have also been rethinking how I plan the use of my current income. I downloaded the Splasm Checkbook and Budget by Snowmint Creative Solutions. Setting these up has taken time for thought and implementation.

Finally, leaves need to be blown together (several times) and carted to the street for pick-up by the city. In addition, with the house nearly empty, the time has come for me to sort through and distribute or store away all the stuff I don’t use much. This certainly goes for my late wife’s clothes and accessories.

All of these important activities have gotten in the way of writing. I have done some of that but not nearly as much as needed to make the 50K goal. I will continue writing. I still intend to get a lousy first draft of this novel completed then turn to finishing the Joshua and Caleb story.

I have set myself a deadline to get something published and into the market by the end of May next year. If I cannot manage that, I’ll have to rethink being a professional novelist.

My only hope is that I see God continuing to move in the circumstances of my life. The hymn Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me looks like a good sentiment right now.



  1. Your friend had some sound advice on money management…..and you don’t need fancy software downloaded from internet to do it. But if that is what you need, then go for it. I don’t envy you having to change health insurance carriers. I’ve kept the same one for 24+ years cuz I’m too lazy to do the research to find the best bargain. I refuse to spend countless hours to save $20 here, $50 there. The insurance companies are virtually all the same. The one I’ve had does good enough, even tho they are a PITA to deal with at times. The writing hobby is important so spend a little time each day on it, if that’ll appease you. Also. I’d consult with your daughters about your wife’s belongings. They probably have a little more insight on what to do with them.

  2. Thank you for your comments.

    It’s the company at my paid job that has done research and gone to a different health insurance company.

    And my step-daughters have said they want to provide input into what happens with Donna’s things. At this point I just want to get a lot of STUFF organized and stored for future handling.

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