Posted by: John-Paul | December 8, 2011

A Father’s Dilemma

On a cool, crisp autumn afternoon, gray clouds flowed across the sky, bringing a promise of rain later in the evening. A light breeze ruffled the last fall of leaves that thinly carpeted the back lawn.

Two fathers wished to spend time with their adult children. Father A invited his kids to come over and watch the Big Game on his television. He even told them to invite friends. None of them watched the game much but they had a good time.

Father B got out his lawn rake and leaf blower to move the carpet of leaves into a pile in the corner of the lawn. He didn’t want the coming rain to turn the leaves into a carpet of mulch.

As he worked, Father B wished his children had come to work alongside him. They could have had fun and celebrated a job completed together. How like Father God with His children, he thought. He has important work in the world He wants His kids to do and so often they go off and have fun instead.

So, tell me. Which was the better father?

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