Posted by: John-Paul | January 16, 2012

The Belt – A Story of Redemption

I shook my head as I examined the under side of my leather belt. The stitching across the end that folded over to hold the buckle was nearly gone. It looked as though one good tug would break the remaining strands.

I asked a couple friends if they did leather work or could recommend someone who did. Juli told me about good friends in a nearby city. Al mentioned a shop in town. Both friends said the cost would likely be more than the value of the belt. I could see their point, especially for gas to go to the nearby city.

However, I liked the belt. It fit me well. And I don’t like to discard something just because it’s flawed if there’s some way to fix it.

How like the Redeemer.

Motivated by love, the Lord God made all of Creation to house Humanity, whom He created as a companion for His Son. Humanity became flawed. Some of us hold on only by a few threads. We certainly don’t seem worth the cost to fix us.

Yet, God sent Messiah to an Earth far removed from home, at least morally. The Anointed One lived humbly among flawed Humanity. The Redeemer took on excruciating torture, gave up His life, and went through a Hell of torment to return to the Father a Humanity no longer hanging by a thread. All this, motivated by love.

As the song by Rick Founds says,

You came from Heaven to Earth

to show the way

From the Earth to the Cross

my debts to pay

From the Cross to the Grave

From the Grave to the sky

Lord, I lift Your name on high

What have you been unwilling to throw out, wishing to somehow redeem it? Have you let the Redeemer touch your life with His love and mercy?


  1. I like the analogy of the flawed belt . . . and hanging by a few threads. Our culture certainly promotes obsolesence (sp) and disposability. How diametrically opposed is Christ’s thinking about this. There is hope and “a way” even for the most flawed and no human soul is disposable. Hope you were able to “redeem” your belt. Peace brother . . . Sam

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