Posted by: John-Paul | June 4, 2012

My Re-Entry into Blogging

I did what marketing gurus say I should never have done: I took time away from blogging to concentrate on writing one of my novels. The gurus say blogging gets my name as an author, the content of what I write about, and my style of writing before readers. These talk to other readers who talk to others and thus, I hope, build a platform of people eager to buy my stories.

Having given the bare-bones draft of my Jubilee novel to my writers group (and already received major criticism), I return to the task of blogging. I really do need to carve time for more writing out of my lifestyle of busy-ness and book consumption.

I can see I spend too much time consuming Nook books, audio books (I just bought an MP3 player.), and videos. “Training” to run my first 5k race has also been a priority. Finally, my car-less roommate has left for the Summer. The time used for running I’ve already given to listening to audio books. Time needed to transport the roommate can now be turned to stockpiling blog entries.

I have no shortage of ideas:

–       Descriptive articles that give deeper information about cultural settings for my novels

–       Philosophical essays that explain important points of my theology

–       Articles on items of interest in science, creativity, and so on

–       Short stories to further whet readers’ interest in my longer stories

Now, to get my nose to the grindstone, pen to paper, and fingers onto the keyboard.


What stands between you and the time needed for writing? Family needs? Time with friends and relatives? Paid work? Further education? Sleep? These are all important activities.

What are your priorities? What can you trade for more time to write?

Don’t let the urgency of the present compromise reaching important goals of the future.



  1. At this point I’m somewhat skeptical of the marketing gurus – marketing feels pointless if you don’t have much to market (at least that’s how I feel at the moment).

    I especially like the last quote. Good luck.

    • Thank you for your comment. I like the way that last statement came out, too. I’m certainly working on creating great stories.

  2. Ernest Hemingway wrote a lot of his books while drunk. Steve Jobs came up with ideas while on acid trips………not that I’m promoting these activities. Just saying.

    • Thank you for your input. I’d rather get drunk on the Holy Spirit. (Ephesians 5:17-19) Just saying. 🙂

  3. It’s hard to balance blogging with all the other life demands. For me, I find if I order my priorities, but also allot specific time for each, I can get most of it done. For example, I get up very early while the family is still sleeping to work on my blog, but I always do my morning devotional first. No blogging while at work, or with the kids (unless it’s naptime/quiet time). Some days it doesn’t happen. And I try to focus on just one blog task at a time — get it done, and then move on to the next.

    • Thanks, Victoria, for your interest. I’ve read of other mothers/writers doing the same. I suppose I should be more disciplined.

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