Posted by: John-Paul | October 1, 2012

This Year’s Election: A Cliff-Hanger or a Herd of Lemmings?

Someone left Obama propaganda on my doorstep…twice. I crumbled it, dropped it, and left it as a signal to not waste their time again. Then I noticed one brochure said, “We’ve come too far to turn back now.” (Reminded me of a song from the seventies.)

I decided I had to agree.  It would be like expecting an atheist to repent (turn back) from refusing to acknowledge God’s love and sovereignty. Obama is too entrenched in his belief that the government must be the instrument to save our economy and must force health care on everyone.

Again, I agree. It’s too late to turn back our country’s forward motion…down the precipice into economic chaos. Even the Republicans continue the socialist programs started as far back as the New Deal. No one dares reverse the trend started with Social Security and continued with bailing out giant companies that made financially fatal mistakes. (Or was it the unions who made the mistake of forcing the companies to bend to fatal demands?)

This country has taken the economy too far down hill and will suffer one way or another. Readers may complain that to repeal Social Security, Obamacare, welfare, and Medicare would mean the death of the old, the disabled, the poor, and the very young. The economic collapse I expect will force the government to cut costs by itself eliminating the old, the disabled, and the poor. It already allows for disposal of the very young through abortion. The Darwinian process that ensures the survival of the fit will work one way or another.

I can hear my brother saying our mother would be one of the first to go. Elderly, in diminishing health, and unable to survive without help in the home, I expect that would be true…either way. I would mourn her death. I used to be content with the belief our father had provided for her through retirement pension and income from investments. My brother says that isn’t so. She must rely on government financial assistance.

That is the problem with all these socialist government programs. People relied on the government to provide for their futures as it took from their incomes (Social Security and Medicare taxes) and from other people’s incomes (taxes used for welfare). Instead, they should have done what I thought Dad had done; they should have invested capital so that they could earn substantial incomes when they could not work whether through retirement or disability.

The only way I can see for our economy to turn around is for the 99% to join the 1% in investing and earning livable incomes honestly. The only way I can see for our government to turn around is for the people to support candidates who seek to return to Constituionally-limited government.


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