Posted by: John-Paul | December 29, 2012

In Celebration of the Slaughter of Innocents

Over the centuries, the Catholic Church has had feast days (with Mass) to celebrate so many saints and significant events. Saint Nicholas’s Day on December 6 celebrates the generosity of an ancient Christian bishop. Epiphany on January 6 celebrates the Magis’ visit in Bethlehem and Jesus’s baptism in the Jordan River. The feast of Elizabeth Ann Seton celebrates the first native-born American saint.

The Church even celebrates a Mass for the Christ Child on December 25. Three days later, it celebrates Holy Innocents’ Day or the Children’s Mass to commemorate the slaughter of thousands of baby boys by Herod, who hoped to rid the land of a rival to his throne. (See Matt 2.)

Evil men have always struck at the vulnerability of innocent lives. The murder rampage in the Sandy Hill Elementary School was just another occasion. God was not to blame for causing the slaughter. He was not to blame even for letting it happen. He refuses to force people to follow His instructions for living well. This world is headed for Hell because people demand to live apart from God’s goodness and love.

Neither are the weapons evil people use to blame for killing. Hitler used gas chambers; Genghis Khan and his men used recurved bows; Herod’s men used spears.

Just as the heroes of old sagas wielded swords to battle their monster enemies, we need to banish gun control so today’s heroes can protect today’s innocents from the predations of today’s monsters. I like the idea of armed guards or police officers patrolling school corridors or even Israel’s practice of arming teachers and training them to protect their students.

It is today’s monsters that need to be forcefully banned – executed on the spot with lethal injections of lead in order to stop them before they kill, not afterward. Disarming honest citizens will make things less safe for today’s innocents.

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