Posted by: John-Paul | June 12, 2013

Writing Hiatus Is Over

Last January, I was forced to leave my home of twenty-some years. I had to pack up, sort out, place in storage, give away, or move a houseful of stuff accumulated in more than twenty years of marriage and raising kids. This and the process of trying to buy that house along with my regular employment and church responsibilities took me away from writing stories and blog entries.

People told me house-buying would be a slow process. I hoped not. I had the money needed. I knew the house I wanted. All I needed was someone to make the decision to sell me that house. I dreamed of organic gardening, designing a layout for planting the whole back yard, and taking in single men for mutual pastoring. Image

The preparations I made for gardening fell through. I had to remove the compost row I piled in the back yard. The property managers filled in the garden plot lines I drew and the drainage troughs I dug. Someone carted off the storage shed my roommate and I built. I’m back to the planning stage and waiting for purchase steps to be taken.

Meanwhile, I have returned to writing.

I have been reading philosophical/political material from such sites as American Vision, United States Concealed Carry Association, and Rand Paul 2016. This has hardened my philosophy and attitudes against our godless government. Various blog ideas are in outline or draft form.

I have identified gaps in the story of Joshua and Caleb and have been writing more material. I will need to stitch it all together.

I have completed a draft of Jubilee and had it edited. I need to find the hardcopy of the editors’ suggestions to redo that work.

When I’m not working for a living or distracted by episodes of Firefly and CSI:NY, I will be putting words on paper or on the computer screen. I do wish I had a tablet with handwriting-recognition software.


  1. John-Paul – Best wishes to you as you embark on this new chapter in your life at your new home. I hope that all your dreams are fulfilled. God bless you!

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