Posted by: John-Paul | June 22, 2013

A Godless Government and People

A standard has been raised that shows how far the US government has fallen into godless ways. Given that the voters elect most of our leaders, it is plain that we are no longer a “Christian” nation nor a godly people.

On May 2, 2013, The American Vision website published an article by Dr. Joel McDurmon, “The godless state and the road to serfdom (1 Samuel 8:9–22)” In it, he reviews the story of the leaders of ancient Israel demanding of the prophet Samuel that he anoint for them a king. They wished to be like the pagan nations around them.

As Yahweh God explained to Samuel, they were rejecting Him as their suzerainty king. The prophet told the leaders that they were rejecting the individual freedoms they enjoyed under Yahweh’s kingship.

He listed for them specifics of what a king would force their children to endure:

  • conscription into a standing army
  • compulsory service in military/industrial manufacturing
  • compulsory service in his own fields
  • compulsory service in activities meant only for Yahweh
  • disruption of the economy through taxation
  • outright slavery

At least as far back of the 1930s, the US government has fallen into similar godless ways. It has taxed people’s incomes rather more than the tithe (10%) due to God for His spiritual leaders. Young men are required to register for the draft so that “in times of national emergency”, they may be conscripted into the military. Since 1913, the government has placed controls on the money supply through the national banking system and the Federal Reserve Bank.

Beginning with Social Security and accelerating with the War on Poverty, the government has interfered in the lives of the poor and needy and further disrupted the economy…with disastrous results.

What is a godly person to do? Various options are available. One can rebel against the government as the American colonists did. Given our society’s lazy dependence on the government for easy provision and our humanistic mindset, rebellion would lead to a second civil war. At issue would be the tyranny of the federal government vs. individual freedom and local self-government. (See Judges 21:25.)

Another option is to withdraw into isolation as the Amish and survivalists have done. Their results have been  questionable.

There is the option of political action. Organizations such as the Moral Majority, Right to Life, the Tea Party, and Right to Work activists work to influence politicians and citizens toward their national goals. Without enough grassroots support, these will likely prove ineffective.

Certainly, the option moving Dr. Joel McDurmon and his fellows at The American Vision involves evangelism. They see the need for the Church to work at

  • declaring the kingship of Jesus the Messiah
  • prophesying inevitable judgment against this godless society and government
  • proclaiming the benefits of following Yahweh’s Law
  • promising the mercy of forgiveness, and
  • explaining faith in action.

Yahweh Himself has promised blessings on those who follow His Law and curses (as we now see occurring) on those who disobey.

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