Posted by: John-Paul | July 7, 2013

Spacers, Alcoholism, and Christian Parenting

What do Isaac Asimov’s Spacers, alcoholism, and an immaculate Christian upbringing have in common? Lack of immunity.

In Asimov’s Robot series, Earth’s enemies are the descendents of Earth people who left the planet for the stars. With their scientific know-how, they built homes on other worlds free of Earth’s diseases. The result is that Spacers totally lack immunity to ailments Earth people conquer as children.

In the same way, children raised in relaxed, wine-drinking cultures have a reduced chance of becoming alcoholics than those who grow up with abstinence or binge-drinking. Their families teach them how to handle alcohol in ways that moderate its objectionable effects.

Likewise, children raised in families and schools that thoroughly protect them from exposure to sinful behavior – in themselves as well as in others – tend to run amok when released into sinful society. They don’t see the damage done to themselves and others by immoral behavior. They don’t experience the relief from guilt given by forgiving parents and a forgiving Savior. They don’t learn how to stand against temptations society has to offer.

I don’t advocate Christian parents allowing their children free rein along with undisciplined bastards. Nor do I advocate exposing children to the dangers of pedophiles and kidnappers. However, I do believe that Christian parents and schools who outlaw teens’ exposure to dancing, alcohol use, and public displays of affection do them a disservice. They need the vaccinations.


  1. What about guns around children? I have read that one family takes their children to the shooting range. They allow the older ones to take practice shots then otherwise sit nearby, coloring or whatever, while the parents shoot. A gun becomes not a forbidden object of interest but a “ho-hum, what else is there to do?” The kids are taught how to handle a gun safely and are otherwise immunized against playing with it.

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