Posted by: John-Paul | August 20, 2013

Wanted: Vigilante Sheepdogs

I have added a new member to my list of vigilante heroes. First were super heroes such as Superman, Batman, DareDevil, and Elektra. Then I liked the Western heroes Lone Ranger and Zorro. More lately it’s been former military men: Tom Clancey’s John Terrance Clark (see Without Remorse) and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher (One Shot).

The new member called herself the Black Stiletto. Born in West Texas and growing up a tomboy, Judy Cooper left home to escape an abusive stepfather and went to New York City. She found work in a boxing gym and took lessons from the owner. She became a student of judo and karate and learned knifefighting from her Mafia boyfriend. Oh, and this was in 1958 when women didn’t work out in gyms and Oriental martial arts were little known.

When twin Mafia soldiers killed her boyfriend under orders of the don, Judy sewed together a black leather disguise and killed the don and one twin, sending the other to prison. By then, fighting crime was in her blood. She took on thugs in the streets and a Cuban buying military secrets and she avenged herself on her abusive stepfather.

By the criterion of Tim Schmidt, founder of United States Concealed Carry Association, Judy Cooper was a sheepdog.

She was the kind of woman this society needs today, not a potential victim to be protected by the men in her life but a woman who could protect herself and those around her. Too many women are beaten and raped by the men in their lives. They need to become sheepdogs.

The government needs to stop trying to pull sheepdogs’ fangs with gun control but rather train them in effective methods of attacking society’s wolves. That is the purpose of the militia.

And to take a Darwinian approach, the government needs to stop penning up wolves and destroy them. Stop the wolves from passing on their murderous genes.

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