Posted by: John-Paul | August 5, 2015

Marching in Triumph through the Promised Land of God’s Reign on the Earth

Music to read by: Just the Beginning

How are God’s people doing? With all the evil we read about in the news and strange teachings being offered on the Internet, it is not surprising that many are discouraged as they plod through life.


Hi! My name is John Paul DeWalt and I am a writer, an author of novels and short stories. And I am renewing my blog! I am so excited about the good news of God’s reign on the Earth and about the ideas I believe He has given me to share with anyone who will read these posts!

It can be discouraging – even disheartening – to the followers of Jesus the Messiah that the Kingdom of God seems to be retreating before the onslaught of evil in today’s world. In our personal lives, we face

  • so many temptations of human nature

  • so many losses as we stumble through life

  • so much opposition to the work we try to do

  • even attacks against ourselves.

Why continue to serve the Lord? Why keep up the fight against temptations? Why endure the opposition and attacks?

I believe that God the Father wants His people to March in Triumph through the Promised Land of His reign over all the world. I believe the Author of our lives is writing the Book of History and wants to put each of us, His followers, through a Hero’s Journey in the Wilderness then a Missionary’s Journey in the world. I believe there is a Sabbath rest for each of us as we slog through life, fight against temptation and loss and opposition, and endure – as the Word says – to the end.

It is my intention through this blog to teach readers

  • about the Hero’s Journey and Missionary’s Journey

  • about marching in triumph with Messiah

  • and about the Promised Land of God’s reign in the hearts of every one of us.

I wish to encourage all to enter the Sabbath rest of following the Father’s master plan.

My novels and short stories (as yet unpublished) already contain elements of these ideas and I will discuss the creation and eventual marketing of each story. I hope readers will enjoy the tales of my personal history as they relate to the composing of these stories.

Given my love of music and how it often speaks encouragement to me, I plan to add a link to an audio or video of music I deem appropriate.

Please return for more information about my use of this blog and for what I have to say through its content.

(Coming soon: Explanation of Wilderness Experience of God’s people)

Father God holds out His arms in love, waiting to gather to Himself all who would believe in Him and His Son, Jesus. Faith in His goodness and love, shown by obedience to His instructions, allows Him to lead us in marching in triumph and entering His Sabbath rest.

Could this blog become a source of instruction and encouragement in the face of the difficulties of life? 

Will you “Come and see”?

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