Posted by: John-Paul | April 7, 2018

Blogging about My Joshua and Caleb Novel


Progress has been made! Another big step has been taken in getting my novel, Joshua and Caleb: Journey to the Promised Land, into the market for readers to enjoy!

I spent ten or twelve years – off and on – researching, planning, and writing the story of

  • Israel leaving Egypt and becoming a nation under Yahweh

  • Joshua and Caleb journeying into Canaan with ten other spies

  • and Israel rebelling against Yahweh’s command to invade the land of promise.

I finished the first draft and finally found someone willing to edit it relatively inexpensively. I now have his corrective comments (and positive remarks!).

One next step is to rewrite according to his comments. A final review by me and I will create a final draft to be e-published.

Another next step is to start marketing the novel. I plan to use this blog to explain various aspects of the research and writing of the story.

Once I have an e-published file, I plan to offer various chapters here free to entice readers to want more. Rather than the first few chapters, I want to offer those with significant events

  • the first chapters, introducing major characters

  • the night of the final plague and Yahweh’s Passover

  • the crossing of Yam Suph

  • and the start of the journey into Canaan.

Finally, I will make the whole novel available for purchase and downloading. I would be interested in reading how much readers are willing to pay to enjoy the whole story.

Questions to Ponder

What project have you been working on long-term? Has it required years of steady work or – like with me – have you worked on it off and on? What has kept you from completing the project?

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