Posted by: John-Paul | April 26, 2018

Personality Types in Joshua and Caleb

I first learned about the four personality types in Psychology class in college. However, Gary Smalley and his animal labels really meant something to me. He described the different types as:

  • Lion – administrative, goal-oriented, forceful

  • Otter – fun-loving, incautious, having many shallow friendships

  • Beaver – precise, rules-loving, controlled,

  • Golden Retriever – people-loving, having a few deep relationships, wanting people to just get along

Gary also taught how these different types don’t understand each other and conflict with each other. He taught how to approach each type for better interactions.

When considering how to present the characters of Joshua and Caleb and the other players, I based Joshua and Caleb on my own negative and positive aspects. I placed in Joshua my bent toward organization and demanding that people follow along. I decided Joshua’s hero’s journey would be about his learning how to get along with people and how to persuade them – instead of forcing them – to follow his instructions. Knowing that Israel would fail to invade Canaan, I made the failure of Joshua’s hero’s journey a part of Israel’s failure.

On the other hand, I put into Caleb my love of music and praising God and the opposing personality of Golden Retriever. He would rather pray and sing to God than take a sword to someone. His successful hero’s journey required him to become able and willing to fight to stop evil and to protect those he loves.

I saw Gever, the youth who guided them around Hebron, as an Otter, fun-loving and given to pranks. He became a trial to Joshua but also attractive to the man because of his nature.

Do you know your own personality type? Do you see how others would not like certain aspects of your type? What can you do to interact with other types?

Can you see the other personality types in others you know? How could you better interact with them based on their types?


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