Posted by: John-Paul | May 27, 2018

JOSHUA AND CALEB Table of Contents

I want to thank my son-in-law, Jadaé Fox, for the idea for this post. He recommended I give readers the opportunity to look over my novel’s Table of Contents.

Part 1: Bondage in Egypt


Chapter 1      Suzerainty Treaty with Egypt

Chapter 2      The General’s Feast

Chapter 3      Hoshea and His Wife

Chapter 4      Unfriendliness and Failure

Chapter 5      Musician in Bondage

Chapter 6      Moses and the Promise of Freedom

Chapter 7      Plagues and Preparations

Chapter 8      Passover

Part 2: Journey to Sinai

Chapter 9      Military Matters

Chapter 10    Crossing the Sea of Reeds

Chapter 11    Hunger, Thirst, and Amalekites

Part 3: Establishing a Nation

Chapter 12    The Character of Hoshea and Caleb

Chapter 13    Epiphany on Sinai

Chapter 14    The Golden Calf

Chapter 15    Suzerainty Treaty with Yahweh

Part 4: Mission to Canaan

Chapter 16    Preparations for Departure

Chapter 17    Encounters in Beersheba

Chapter 18    Training, Tricks, and Troublesome Dreams

Chapter 19    Clashes of Will and Sword

Chapter 20    Canaanite Farms of Iniquity

Chapter 21    Surprises in Hebron

Chapter 22    Fight and Flight

Chapter 23    In the Cave

Chapter 24    On the Run

Part 5: The Return

Chapter 25    Arrival and Celebration

Chapter 26    The Spies Report

Chapter 27    Sacrifice for Freedom

Chapter 28    Disobedience and Judgment

Chapter 29    Despair and Hope



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