Posted by: John-Paul | July 18, 2018

Why a Mature Rating?

Sex slavery, incest, attempted rape. One Christian friend has said she’d never read my novel, Joshua and Caleb: Journey to the Promise Land, because of these. However, these events are essential to the plot.

When the time comes to upload the novel to Smashwords for conversion into an e-file, I will be asked whether it requires a Mature rating. Is it unsuitable for general or family audiences? I have to admit, it is.

Part of my theme is how Yahweh delivers Israel not only from bondage to the people of Egypt but also from the sins of that people, incest included. Part of my theme is to show how the people of Canaan are disobeying the Law and justice of Yahweh. One reason the Israelites will invade is to bring Yahweh’s judgment on the people there.

Therefore, I describe the near-nakedness of slaves at different parties in Egypt. I show the Canaanites dishonoring parents, committing theft and murder, and worshipping a fertility goddess. I have Caleb’s wife in an on-going incest relationship in Egypt and in the Wilderness.

None of this is explicitly described so as to make the story erotic but I show the existence of such rebellion against Yahweh and His Law. I believe Christian writers must acknowledge these issues in society and show that God has better ways.

Therefore, I show Joshua tempted by an adolescent girl but rebuffing her because he loves Yahweh’s Law as well as his wife. I show Caleb speaking sympathetically to a fellow cuckold in Canaan. And I explain Yahweh’s judgment on the Canaanites for such rebellion and immorality (Leviticus 18) .

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