Posted by: John-Paul | August 13, 2018

Secretariat Vs Million Dollar Baby: Movies with Opposing Spiritual Lessons

This past weekend, I watched two chasing-the-dream movies. Secretariat tells the story of a housewife who inherited her father’s secretariat-quotes-5horses and chased the dream of raising and racing one through the Triple Crown to save her father’s legacy. Million Dollar Baby is about a young woman over thirty who wanted to leave poverty by fighting her way to championship. Both women had to overcome much opposition to make it to their final showdowns. With their different spiritual values, they experienced very different outcomes.

Penny Chenery Tweedy held on to her dream despite family opposition, the threat of bankruptcy, and a million-dollar way of escape. Big Red (aka Secretariat) suffered one defeat due to an abscess in his mouth. He then fulfilled Penny’s dream by winning the Triple Crown – the Belmont Stakes by an unbeatable 31 lengths. This Disney movie honored God with its value of feisty hope and the 1969 song Oh Happy Day.

In the other movie, Maggie Fitzgerald fought her way to the title match million-dollar-babyin her class. She suffered a broken neck when her dirty-fighting opponent punched her after the bell rang. Her family wanted only her assets. Frankie Dunn, her trainer/manager, visited and cared for her in the nursing home. In the end, he honored her request for death.

This movie dishonored God with its hopeless, humanistic answer to Maggie’s tragedy. Frankie’s priest’s warned Frankie he would lose his soul if he followed the path of murder. The priest failed to offer the help and healing available from his God and Savior.

I remarked to my wife after the movie ended that I had been spoiled from enjoying it by listening to Bill Johnson. This leader of Bethel Redding Church preaches the Kingdom of God on Earth as experienced in signs and wonders, healings, and other miracles. As impossible as itJoni might have seemed, a more hopeful life – if not a healing – was available to Maggie. Just ask Joni Eareckson Tada.

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