Come, O people, and read the words of John Paul DeWalt

Give ear to what this writer has to say

See the works of the great Creator

Marvel at His wonders in astronomy and in the minuteness of Creation

Vast beyond measure is the Universe

Bigger still is the One who called it into being

Tiny are the mechanisms of Life

But He who created them holds all within His scrutiny

The God who is Love holds out His arms to you

He longs to enfold you with comfort and hope

Come to the Ezer who fights your every foe

To the One who saves you from the enemies of your soul

Only believe and He will help you

Trust in Him and He will teach you Biblical principles

Hearken not to those who practice religion

Give no ear to the purveyors of false philosophy

Resist those who would bind you with Law

Consider with care even the clichés of the Church

Seek answers to troubling reality through Godly spirituality

Rightly ponder the values of love, sexuality, and marriage.

Rejoice in the ability of tough women to defend themselves and others

Practice tolerance toward those of other beliefs and practices

Lift up your dreams before the Author of your lives

Consider in His presence the goals you would reach

Work hard to improve your personal finances

Invest with creativity in what will bring you good income

Then rest and wait for the Sovereign Lord to act


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